Gift Ideas: Personalized Ornaments


We’re coming into the final week of the holiday prep before Christmas! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m feeling the pressure to get all my holiday shopping done! There’s always someone I’m forgetting or just get plain stumped about what to get.  I thought I’d share one of my gift ideas!

When it comes to gift giving, I always try to get the perfect gift for every person on my list.  It’s such a joy to give someone something that they truly enjoy and love (and wanted) for Christmas, and it’s even better to know that it gets used or loved.  It’s hard thought with time constraints and sometimes just running out of the unique gifts (or even money) to get every person a unique gift and so this idea may be perfect for friends on your list that aren’t as close or coworkers!

Ornament presents are great small gifts to give those are not as close but still within gift-giving range.  They can still be somewhat personal depending on how well you know the person and great because they can use it for years to come for their Christmas trees! (it’s also good to check that they celebrate Christmas and have trees!)  These personalized ornamernts are great and add personality to any tree!

20141219-103222.jpg 20141219-103215.jpg 20141219-103207.jpg 20141219-103159.jpg

Ornaments like ‘Baby’s first christmas’ or ‘little princess’ ornaments are great for those that just had a baby or would love to have a personalized ornament for their daughter.  For those older generations that will know who ‘the fonze’ is, it’s a great trip back to memory lane with an ornament of their fave show gone by.  Even for kids that love sports like football, one that showcases their fave sport its always a great addition to the tree!

I recently gave my cousins who just recently moved to Canada, a family ornament that has the year 2014 I think.  They will always treasure the year they started their lives here, and have a keepsake to look at every Christmas!


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