Holiday Outfits: Borrowing from the Men’s closet


When it comes to holiday outfits, whether it’s for family dinners or going to a work affair, I love to dress up and dress for the occasion.  Recently, i’ve been obsessing over the trend of pantsuits that’s been borrowed off men’s style.  Personally, i love mens wear style, so much so that in my younger years i’ve even worked at Men’s wear at the Bay.  While working here i’ve learnt a thing or two from working in various departments which i’ve incorporated into my outfits.

What’s more unexpected at a party than walking in with a luxe ivory or black pansuit while the others are in their gowns and cocktail dresses? It’s kind of sexy to dress like a man  a la Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria (admit it, you’ve thought about how you’d look in a tux lol)

A more sexy and party twist to the suit is to wear sequin leggings which ever store has a version of!


Dena Snake Sequined Leggings (now on sale for $276 cdn)

Guess Kate Sequin Jogger Pants $98 cdn


BEBE Transparent Sequin Leggings $113 cdn.

Happy Hunting!

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