What’s coming up for the holidays!

Hello all!

As you’ve noticed, I’ve already started posting for the holidays.  I absolutely love the holidays, it’s so magical with the lights, the gift giving or giving in general–basically just everything about Christmas! I hope you all follow and continue to check back here as I have some exciting posts coming up! I know I’ve been MIA for the past few months, with the wedding and house renos I just haven’t had much time to blog! Fear not, the holidays always brings some joy in my heart and just gives me that extra special boost so I will have more posts coming up!

stay tuned for some of my posts…

  • Baking during the holidays
  • Gift guide – high and low budgets
  • Tips on de-stressing during the holidays

Many more!

Stay tuned and comment and like please!

Happy Holidays!

xo E

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