Take a moment: let the holidays engulf you!


Depending on which side of the border you’re on, it may or may not already be the holidays for you. Our friends south of the border still have Black Friday and of course, Thanksgiving to look forward to, but for us Canucks, after the very important Remembrance Day officially marks the start of the holidays (not understating the importance of paying tribute and respect to those that have given up their lives for freedom and democracy of course).

I realize that you may be thinking ‘bah humbug’ while I do my little holiday jig, but there’s more to Christmas than just the over-commercialized madness everyone has come to associate it with. In my opinion, you don’t have to fall for the commercialism of the holidays, you have to look for your own magic holiday moments.

For me, the holiday starts with some tree decorating, making the whole house more festive and hang the wreath on our front door.


It continues on with some holiday goings on around the city that is guaranteed to make your Christmas merrier! My personal favorite is the Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Botanical gardens (which is coincidentally also where our wedding will be).  I love the lights, its so magical that it always warms my heart for the holidays.  There are however, other events depending on what city you happen to be in.  North Vancouver has the Canyon Lights at Capliano Suspension Bridge.  It’s just as beautifu–but those afraid of height beware, I didn’t expect some of their attractions being perched up as high as they were lol.


And if you don’t want to spend any money on admissions and wait in line-ups (a trade-off to get to the end of the rainbow!) there’s always driving around the neighborhoods to find the best Christmas lights décor!

next time, i’ll talk about the few tips on de-stressing when the festivities start to ramp up for the holidays!


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