Bridal Get-together


| dress: Zara Clutch, Cuff & Belt: BCBG Shoes: old (not pictured) |

I had a get-together with my bridal party just a few months back during summer just to chit chat and get everyone acquainted and familiar with each other.  I know each of them from stages of my life so it was important that we all come together presently and be familiar with each other now.  I want my special day to be seamless and without any of the ‘meeting-for-the-first-time’ awkwardness.  It went off without a hitch and everyone got along famously.  I love knowing that I chose the right girls to stand with me on my very special day!

Since it was a gorgeous, summer afternoon I decided to dress for the weather and wear a nice flowy maxi dress. I love the colors and it looked like it was totally made for summer!


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