Friday Night on Robson


Happy Fall everyone! I missed the first day of fall so I can’t really greet that, and it feels like it’s been forever since I last posted (aside from my other post about vegas) and I’m happy to be semi-back. The wedding and house renos are keeping me busy as well as work and finding time to blog seems to be getting harder.

Anyways, I digress…

Last Friday, while the fiancé went for hockey practice, I went out for a brief shopping/dinner night with the cousin. We hadn’t done it in awhile and as the times change and so do priorities, there isn’t always room for ladies nights. It’s welcomed though, when we do find the time for it!

| Sweater Dress: Old Navy | Vest: Zara | Bag: BCBG | Boots: Hunter | Socks: Forever 21 | Belt: Le Chateau (old–part of a top) |

It was chilly enough just coming from a very rainy afternoon, to wear a vest which kind of substitutes for a jacket. I find that the weather does get slightly chilly but one can still get away with light layers and anytime I can get a chance to wear my faux fur is great for me!


The night was not without some shenanigans and funny moments.  I love hats and during winter when the cold gets to be too unbearable, I like to wear hats to warm the head! I love this one too, I feel like a snow bunny!



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