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morning border selfies while waiting at border line-up!

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin decided to surprise me with a trip to Las Vegas! It would be a mini girls trip which we hadn’t done in years.

I expected a fun, relaxing weekend (well, maybe not too relaxing lol) but I walked away with a few lessons learned as well.

The first lesson comes from an eternal problem of over-packing which, in my mind, isn’t so much of a problem at all! I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder…and this eye did not see being overweight luggage coming.


This photo did not change much.  I swear to you, when I left for Vegas my luggage was light and had tons and I mean TONS of room.  At the counter, it weighed in at 32 (lbs or kg? who knows…) and with the limit being 40, I had several more lbs (or kg) to work with! I knew this well, as I had planned on shopping so I left a lot of things behind that normally would make it to my luggage.

Part of my main outfits:


I brought a tunic from BEBE and a Jumpsuit from Marciano.  I thought that this eliminated the need for extras but apparently that wasn’t the case lol.


I also brought 3 nice tops and a romper (the romper would have been an either day or night wear).  From L to R, two from BCBG,one from Talulah Babaton and the Romper from Forever 21.


I also brought two skirts and a pair of semi formal shorts (not pictured here) for variety when clubbing.  Mind you, I wasn’t thinking that I already had a jumpsuit and romper so that would have made for plenty of changes…

Then there was the “extra” pair of day shorts that I brought thinking that it would be more comfy than the more formal zara shorts I brought.  There was also an extra pink romper that made it into the mix (which I kind of regret now) and a crochet top which was to be my cover for the pool (I obviously didn’t think of a bottom lol) and one more pair of pink casual shorts.

See, in my mind all of this over packing of clothes wasn’t the actual problem, it was the over packing of makeup and chunky jewelry (which I’m also notorious for)!  I never realized that having a lot of heavy metal jewelry can actually get you in trouble with luggage weight! lol.  At the end of the trip, we had our luggage weighed before leaving the hotel (the lady at guest services was nice enough to help us with that) and I ended up being at 42 lbs!!! Granted, I had shopped a little since then, but after removing some jewelry pieces I was able to stay under at 39 lbs to avoid the dreaded fees.

I’d hate to admit it, but another mistake could be the multiple amounts of shoes I brought to Vegas.  In a way, it was like bringing sand to the beach lol even though I never bought a single pair.  I do like the variety so in my mind, it wasn’t a mistake.

Another one that is a definite mistake is putting two girls on a trip to one of the shopping meccas in the world (well, in my mind anyways) and then not paying for either an extra luggage or two carry-ons aside from the personal bags.  When girls go on a trip where there will be shopping, it’s best to either have an extra bag on hand for good weight distribution or pay for carry-ons to avoid costly fees.

I still had a good time, a little worse for the wear from more partying than my age can handle but I think we handled it with grace and dignity….no throwing up or the dreaded drunk ‘love you man’ type scenarios haha.

To summarize what I’ve learnt…

  • Clothes – if you can consolidate dinner outfits and club outfits, great.  If you’re like me that still prefers changing in between then by all means, bring a day outfit, dinner and club/lounge outfit but leave out options–they are what kills your weight minimum in the end! Bring daytime pieces that can interchange with night time pieces to lessen the amount of clothing to bring!
  • shoes-keep it paired down.  The best pair of shoes is one that can go from dinner to the club.  I unfortunately had no pair like that (which, believe me I am now on the hunt for!) but it’s the best way to end up bringing the least amount of shoes on the trip, not including a nice pair of sandals of course.
  • purses – again I am abit of a chameleon and you’d never see me travel with only one purse if I can help it.  For vegas however, a multi-function one like I had from Danier leather is best.  It worked for dinner, daytime (surprisingly) and the club! the only downside? it took me bringing two purses to find this out and thus, had a slightly heavier luggage lol.
  • The Jewels – Unless they are muy importante that you bring every piece of jewelry in your box, I’d say this is the most important to pair down and plan ahead.  I had the chunkiest of statement making pieces and some were heavy enough to make all the difference in the weight of my luggage.  I’d say plan ahead and bring maybe two or three interchangeable pieces.
  • Makeup – size is key! I’d say that if you’re a makeup hoarder like me on trips and bring almost your whole collection even if you don’t use it–resist the urge! try on some makeup looks before the trip so that you know which ones work the best.  I should have done this because in the end, I only used some of the colors in my heavy palette and also whatever is in my makeup case.  I learnt that it’s not worth the hassle and it’s best to just take the absolute necessities.
  • When you are a girl that shops, it is always best to leave a lot of not only room but weight for your luggage to go up.  It’s better to pay ahead than pay the penalty fees later!

I hope that my travel lessons have taught you some valuable tips!



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