Weekend round-up: New Oxford to Patio lounging

20140714-104840.jpg In the absence of Friday night shenanigans, after a home cooked dinner the fiancé and I decided to head out for some late night drinks.  I’ve had a tough week and I just wanted to unwind with a couple of drinks and we ended up at the New Oxford.  I wanted to head to downtown and he thought this place would be good considering I’ve never actually been there. It was a good lounge to just relax and have drinks.  I love the club chairs, canvas overhead lamps and exposed brick.  it gives that old feel to it, almost like one of those guys cigar clubs.  It was fun! 20140714-104259.jpg On Saturday, it started with a later and quicker workout than expected (it was a late night the night before to begin with haha) and then it was an afternoon of lounging at a patio with the cuz.  I chose one of my new fave places to go, Reflections Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Rosewood Georgia.  It was quite a hot day, beautiful by Vancouver’s standards. 20140714-104333.jpg I love this patio, it’s not in direct heat so you still get a little bit of the sun without getting burnt.  We were actually early enough in the day to be able to get a table in the shade (lucky us!) 20140714-104307.jpg 20140714-104326.jpg 20140714-104314.jpg We shared the champagne punch for 6 and it was delish! I hope that your weekend was as fun and maybe not so hot!    

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