Wedding Plans: DIY Martha Stewart style


So summer is in full swing! Bring on the heat! lol I am just full of stress lately as I juggle work (a coworker just a had a baby! yay!) home renos and wedding planning in one shot, with fiancé’s help of course!  I am lacking sleep as endless tasks run around in my head lol.  One of the things fiancé and I did this weekend finally, was go to Michael’s to grab my substitute all over puncher from Martha Stewart that we agreed was slightly more cost efficient than the cricut at this moment (I am crying on the inside lol).  Above is the result of my pattern hole punching experiment!

Like I mentioned, I am unable to buy a Cricut due to monetary constraints, at this moment the inner crafter in me just died lol, and I substituted that awesome little toy and bought something more labor intensive but achieves almost the same effect.  It started with this vision (look to an older post from last year) of what I wanted my wedding invite to look like.  For sure I didn’t want something very formal even if my mom did, and for sure I didn’t want it to look like a cookie-cutter invite either.  As you probably have seen from my Save the date and it’s quirkiness, I prefer something a bit more unique and even better if it can be a DIY!
20140708-092857.jpgAs seen above, these favor boxes were made by yours truly and it took some time because I couldn’t find any good templates to use for it so I just made the template from scratch.  I didn’t even have a ruler so I used a flimsy measuring tape and the side of a hole punch (an actual office three hole puncher) if you can believe it! I did my calculations and measured, scored by gently running the scissor-tip on the lines and with a few little mishaps, voila!

This idea of the favor box came about while googling ideas for cute favor boxes and just couldn’t get my mind off of those cute laser cut birdcage boxes.  Unfortunately they were all only for sale and all patterns that I saw were done by a cricut or silhouette.  I was pretty much ready to give up, then I thought of what I was going to use for my invitation sleeve (which is shown below).  The first idea which this favor box idea stemmed from!

20140708-092903.jpgIsn’t it nice? it’s not the die cut Ironworks pattern gatefold done by Cricut but I think it looks fancy just the same! I love that the invitation sleeve and the favor box both match in patterns!  And to think, all this creativity came from this little puncher from Martha Stewart! Oh Martha, you are a genius! I think that it’s not even just that I was going to save $$$ on doing all these myself, but I actually prefer adding personal touches to the wedding by doing some of the little things myself.  As I mentioned in my last post, choosing which DIY projects to do depends on the cost of the materials and the time you’ll be spending on them.  You really have to weigh how much each will be costing you in the end and whether or not it’s something you want to be doing as part of your wedding prep.20140708-092843.jpg

Sidenote: the cardstock color used isn’t my wedding color, it’s the only color in the cardstock ream that I knew for sure I wasn’t going to use.  I’ve been using the pages like crazy experimenting on this color!  It didn’t hurt the pocket either knowing that I got the stamp for 40% off! sweeeeet!

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