Wedding Plans: DIY or Buy?


Ever since I got engaged I’ve been on pinterest almost every moment I get the chance to plan my wedding.  Since we don’t have the bank breaking budget that would make things easy peazy, it’s been a lot of researching and going back and forth with what is the best thing for us and what works best for our budget.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’m lucky to say that my fiancé has been good about everything; he lets me do what I need to but communicates with me when he disagrees or has a different opinion.  I think this is great because it makes things easier for me to make the initial plans then just discuss with him about it when I’ve researched the best options.

One thing about budgeted weddings is that there is always a great deal of compromise (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) of what do you buy and what do you diy? In an ideal world we can just order everything for our wedding and it would just arrive and get set-up on the day of and I’d be stress-free.  Yea right. To be honest, I don’t mind a little DIY–it adds a bit of personal touch to the day.  I just think that with work and house renos, I have to be choosy about what is actually doable.

If you’ve ever googled with the search subject ‘Wedding DIY’ you’ll see that there are indeed a lot of fun and very creative ideas that you can do yourself or with the entourage helping to add personal touches to the wedding day.  While there are a lot of ideas floating around that look cute and things to do, I’ve slowly realized that some DIY projects can break the bank as easily as if you had just ordered them pre-made.  You have to pick and choose the projects that aren’t too complex and require a lot of your time, because it’s not only money you’ll end up wasting but your time as well and as you know, your time is precious when planning a wedding.  There never seems to be enough time for it all!

If you know me well you would know that I’ve wanted a cricut even more since I realized the things that could be done for the wedding with it.  At $300 though (pretax) it seems like a hefty price to pay for something I may only end up using for the wedding.  Unfortunately, I don’t craft as much as I used to so it doesn’t seem as feasible to buy it, even if I wanted one years before I got engaged! lol.  I did find a cheaper (still somewhat expensive tho!) alternative to the cricut, the Martha Stewart pattern punchers (bless you, Martha) that can create some die cut patterns with a puncher.  It’s definitely cheaper at a portion of the price, but you only get one size and pattern from it, but oh the things that can be created with it! I figured I’d use it for both the invite sleeve as well as the favor boxes and maybe even the place cards! These kinds of DIY projects are manageable requiring only minimal material purchases.  These are the best kinds, because they are creatively fulfilling, inexpensive enough and not time consuming!

I hope that this gives you some insight into your wedding decisions!


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