TGIF: Summer sales galore and Pre-fall too!



Happy Friday folks!

While it’s summer time for the kiddies it’s sales time for the stores! I’ve noticed that the stores have begun their semi-annual seasonal purging–the summer sales! I noticed it last Wednesday actually, Zara had the signs of preparing for the sale–the different articles of clothing all grouped together all color coordinated.  I knew something was afoot as Sherlock Holmes would say.  While the sales may be very enticing and alluring if you’re wanting to add to your summer wardrobe, I am just as excited for the pre-fall new arrivals!

When the summer sales go underway, that usually means that they’re trying to make room for the new stuff that needs to be put on the shelf.  I for one love new arrivals.  As much as I love rack diving into the sales head on, I love the newly organized section of the new items, all pulled together also color coordinated but arranged in how they have it pictured in the lookbook for easy reference (in case you liked one of their styled looks).

I especially love the A/W 2014 new arrivals from Zara.  I notice a lot of mossy green colors and back to black!

I can’t wait for the other pre-fall looks to start filtering into the retail stores!

If you still love a good sale, check out the Canada Day long weekend (sort of) sales at the malls! I know that my fave stores like BCBG (extra 20% off sales!), Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sales and BR are all clearing their summer stuff, so if you’ve got summer occasions coming up it’s definitely still worth checking out!

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