Dinner at Gordon Biersch in Seattle


After a torrential downpour heading out of Portland–the likes of which I have never seen before, we finally got into Seattle at around 6pm.  Fiancé got a little shut eye before dinner while I wandered around Pacific Place, conveniently just across from our hotel!

Although the shopping wasn’t as good as it was in Portland (I suspect due to the non-tax part) it was still nice to wander around for a bit.

I have always loved jumpsuits and rompers, but being short, it was always hard to find the right fit for my body.  The torso area and the hem lines just didn’t always work very well with my size.  I did finally purchase this jumpsuit which was still too long hemline-wise, but fit my body perfectly otherwise! When choosing jumpsuits, I prefer to choose a slightly dressier one so that I can pull it off for the office as well as date night or even cocktails with the gals (which are kind of few and far between lately).  While I applaud those that have tried the overalls craze, I think this would be more age appropriate for me and far more useful in the long run.


| Blazer: Zara | Jumpsuit: Guess by Marciano | shoes: Aldo | Bag: Danier Leather |


| Blazer, shirt and jeans: Banana Republic | Shoes: Aldo|

We had dinner at Gordon Biersch in Pacific Place and then drinks at Dragonfish at our hotel. It was overall a good night!


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