Saturday in the sun: White on white

IMG_7217Two weeks ago, my cousin and i decided to spend the afternoon in downtown and do one of my wedding errands by heading to Granville Island!

I love Granville Island, but because it’s a touristy it’s often buzzing with people both tourists and locals and parking can be hard to find.  Instead of trying in vain to find parking (which would have ended in a fail) we decided to be tourists for the day and take the water taxi!

20140609-142831.jpgThere’s basically two water cabs that service the area and depending on where you’re going, you can spend all the way to $15 for a day trip (i think).  It’s fun and boarding from English bay near the Aquatic Center it only takes about 5 minutes!

After getting my errand done (after finding the store it wasn’t too long after!) we decided to have some drinks at Sandbar–it was patio weather so we couldn’t pass it up.


| What I wore: BCBG | shorts: Forever 21 | shoes: payless | Bag: LV | sunnies: Raybans |

IMG_7213 IMG_7219I love wearing white for summer, but sometimes it can be tedious to keep clean! I love that this white blouse had some lace panels, not completely see through all the way just panels to give a peak!

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