Fridate: Summer lovin’ at Reflections Patio Lounge

If there is anything that signals the start of warm weather and the promise of beautiful weather for summer, it’s the official patio openings in downtown! Granted that some have opened to less than stellar weather during spring, hoping to catch early birds praying for summer to come, but it’s not until the weather gets really nice that suddenly every seat on the patio is filled!

After getting off early at work and then meeting with our potential wedding coordinator/designer, we (by that I meant me) decided to get some drinks and appies downtown since the weather seemed to hold up for patio weather! I’ve been itching to try some of the patio hot spots that have been featured on vancity buzz on Vancouver’s best patios of 2014 since it combines my fave things, drinks, good company and the patio! I love the feeling of being the fresh, open air and sunshine beaming down while you sip on some lovely cocktails! After much debate, we decided (again by we I meant me lol) on going to Rosewood Georgia Hotel patio lounge, Reflections.  Situated on the 4th floor of the newly (well 4 years ago at least) renovated Rosewood Georgia Hotel, it has beautiful views, lovely ambiance and beautiful people. I take it that it has a fair mix of visitors of the hotel with the locals wanting to share in the gorgeous patio lounges Vancouver has to offer.  The cocktails average to about $12-$15 depending on what you decide, and some delish appies to nibble on. I would definitely come back again weather permitting of course! I should also give props to the lovely server we had that night, she was gracious and always on point, seeming to always be around when we need something! Such service!

If you love socializing with the beautiful people of Vancouver and having some drinks and good conversation (hopefully, before they get drunkard lol) then check out the patios! You might even see me there! (say hello if you do!!!)

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