Pink Peplum

I feel like my mornings are usually an exercise in attempts at making it to work on time.  Even on the days where I start off on time, I end up late due to another reason lol.  I am glad that my work usually errs on the more casual side, just like for it’s dress code.  Still, I try to dress up for appearances sake and try to minimize the jeans when I can.

| Peplum Blazer: Topshop | T-shirt underlay: Forever 21 | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Guess |

Tuesday was one of those days that the outfit just came together in a moment’s notice! Granted, I did try on some possible combinations just in case, but then when I got ready Tuesday morning, time just flew by and before I knew it, I needed to have a work outfit chosen in two minutes! This is the result of that quick outfit put-together.

I am loving this peplum blazer that I found at Topshop on a whim.  I was walking through to get to the Bay and found this gem! It reminds me of the Ted baker Peplum wool coat that I had wanted previously. I try to keep work friendly in mind when shopping for clothes since I do spend majority of my time here at work.  The days of me dropping big sums on a party dress have pretty much gone and went.  Of course I still have some in the closet, but for party wear I gravitate to separates since it gives me the most wear for my buck and gives me more versatility in re-using.



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