Covet: Maxi dress

courtesy of Zara Canada

Happy Friday all! I hope your Friday is as delightful as mine has been.  I love days that are chill, allowing me to sneak away to downtown for a lunch shopping sesh!

I have been eyeing this maxi dress for a month now-literally.  I hover and look at it whenever I’m at Zara, and then walk away.  Like any other body shape, being petite has its drawbacks, one in particular is if you are short like me and it doesn’t allow for much vertical height for gorge, flowy maxi dresses like the above.

I am totally enamored with this maxi dress!  I love that the pattern goes vertical so it actually gives the illusion of height versus going horizontal.  The color palette is just divine–combining pink, black and white (all of my fave colors lol) which kind of resemble my top from BCBG.  It may not be evident now, but if I someday have a child, it will make maternity easier to have clothes that can already transition into maternity with ease.  I think that with a simple belt, this shapeless maxi can be transformed to look lovely and give shape for even with my stature.


Courtesy of Zara Canada

When I see this print, it makes me think of a tropical paradise and relaxation.  I can’t wait to get it!

Lovely, yes?

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