Travel: The Over-packing syndrome

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I have ranted on this problem I have, before.  There is nothing worse than having an overweight luggage heading to a trip–it’s like showing up to a buffet full from eating.  I have always had this problem of wanting to take my entire closet with me! It’s an unhealthy habit and I am constantly trying to be aware so that I can prevent it!  I have tried to research travel and how people pack for trips short and long to no avail–yet.  I think it’s one of those things that I’ll have to just constantly battle.  It comes with being unsure of the weather, the culture and the activities of a trip.  I like knowing that I am as prepared as I can be for a trip and still look chic!

I guess I’ve got travel on the brain because we are planning on going to Oregon/Seattle next month and i’m trying my darndest to pack correctly this time! I hate overpacking, especially when I know i’ll be shopping a bit on the trip.

Any tips?


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  1. No worries! Do you know about it tells you exactly what is needed for a trip.
    The key to being prepared is to create a capsule wardrobe of items that can be mixed / matched / layered to create multiple looks and also to layer for temperature. Think how French women do it – a few key wardrobe items, yet always looking chic! Two pairs of pants (one a capri for summer), Four tops (one a button down), a simple dress, a couple of sweaters/jackets, and a light packable rain coat. Add in a skort or a pair of shorts (skorts are more versatile). You’ll need one pair of walking shoes, a pair of dress shoes.

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