Confessions of a shoe lover

20140522-113536.jpgAs everyone who knows me well knows that I am a shoe addict –err I mean lover. I have a love/hate affair with shoes that spans my highschool days when I saw it as a small way to express my chicness at a catholic school that required uniforms on the daily. Yup, I was one of those girls in uniform –the sweater, the kit and knee-high socks. It was the whole thing. The only things that really differed from one girl to the next was the pattern in your socks and the shoes you wear. Heels weren’t prohibited but they certainly kept a close eye on anyone that reached towering heights in heels, bur for the most part they weren’t too picky.

My love affair with shoes began slowly–getting my first pair of ultra-high (for my age at the time) thick soled platform shoes that were the trend back then. It was like an older version of the Jeffery Campbell Lita boot. If I had known it was going to make a comeback I would’ve maybe tried to preserve my pair! (which I think everyone says about their vintage originals). I didn’t know the importance of fit back then, as I bought pairs that were even a size or two bigger than what I was (the shame!) but after a few pairs, I was hooked! I couldn’t get enough of high heels and the more I pushed the boundaries of what my parents were going to let me buy for my age at the time, the better! It wasn’t until maybe in my college years that fit and comfort started to play a part in my choices for footwear. By my mid to late 20s, it was becoming more apparent that comfort was playing a much bigger part than I had even noticed. I needed to feel like I could last more than 5 minutes (trying it on) in them and still feel ok. Of course by this time I had already amassed a shelf full of shoes half of which were 4 inch and higher. It became a thing of excitement to find a size 5 because finally, shoes started to fit better. They didn’t fit right, but better and I thought it was the closest thing i’d ever get!

Then I discovered Louboutins. It changed my perspective on shoes in many ways and opened my eyes. It wasn’t until the luxury brand that I was able to admit that almost half of the shoes that I had owned, don’t even fit me correctly! I realized that there was a world of shoes that catered to my true size. I still buy size 5s when it truly fits and in most cases for boots and shoes with straps because it gives me an allowance, or wiggle room. I now know that shoes like Manolos, Givenchy, Jimmy Choos and of course, Louboutins do come in my size and that I can truly be in shoe heaven with the perfect fit!

Even now I don’t like to admit what size I really am, part shame and part embarrassment that I wear such a small sized pair of shoes, but in the end I think i’d rather start being truthful to myself and wear the correct size than suffer the consequences of wearing the wrong pair that I can’t eve walk in.

Thanks for listening to my story! lol.


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