Hump Day Work OOTD: All white and Floral heels

Most mornings, I have split-second to decide what to wear and then I’m out the door–realities of a 9-5er! A very early work start coupled with my not being a morning person by nature and you’ve got a recipe for lateness more times than not.  I can attribute this to going to a highschool that requires uniforms, I never had to decide what to wear the next day!

These days I’m all about trying to look ahead (sort of) lol.   I check the weather reports and make sure that i’m dressed appropriately for the weather and for the occasion (which more often than not is just for work).  It’s been a great few days of sunshine and warmth (or heat, depending on who you talk to) so I decided to pull out the big guns early–all my summer oufits! I am absolutely loving this 20 plus degree weather and am excited for all the outfits I am able to wear!

I am a fan of all white, always have.  If I can keep myself from spilling drinks, food or attracting stains from my bright, white outfits then I’d wear it more! I love the days when my outfits just come together without a lot of thought–like an ah-ha! moment. I hope that everyone has a great rest of the day!

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: H&M (seen here) | Heels: Payless |

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