Tulip in watercolor

Happy Monday all!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  I am usually non too happy for Mondays, they are usually long and boring not to mention workweek resets! I am happy that it looks like it’s another week of sunshine and 20+ degree average weather and that excites me!

It’s so much more fun to plan work week outfits when it’s sunny outside, I get to be more creative about what to wear! I love the watercolor abstract print of this tulip skirt, it’s very vibrant–colorful enough for spring, but just may work for fall too with the bright orange hues as well. I love wearing neutral and one pop of color, the one bright part of my outfit is like a focal point and brings all the neutral (and otherwise boring) colors together. I found this at a BCBG outlet years ago on one of my trips (NYC I think) and because of my weight issues and feeling self-conscious, I haven’t worn it out until now. I can imagine wearing this out many more times during summer time, with it’s light weight silky fabric you can’t go wrong!

| Top: Gap | Skirt: BCBG | Sandals: Le Chateau |


Above is my weekend recap lol, fresh clams and mussels from the Fish Counter on main street after devouring delish fish and chips! This is a mixed clams and mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, garlic bread, Caesar salad and the remaining white wine! It was a good meal, great recipe!

Knowing that I have a nice outfit for a blah Monday makes it less painful of a day to get through at work lol.



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