Wednesday Night appies in Leopard and gladiator sandals

IMG_7179I always get the urge to walk around Robson on nice days, and tonight was no different! My cuz and i decided to take a stroll around and do some window shopping (no items purchased! lol) and then went to the Keg for some appies!

Ladies’ nights used to entail some wine at our favorite lounges but as time flew and we got slightly older, happy hours became more of a weekend event.  We still like to head out for appies and catch up though! There is a certain beauty that draws me to downtown on nice sunny days as well as nights, and even though there was no shopping or partying, it was still a good, relaxing night chit chatting!

IMG_7178 IMG_7174 IMG_7172 IMG_7171 IMG_7170 IMG_7180IMG_7181What I wore: Top and shorts: Forever 21 | Blazer: Zara ( here ) | sandals: old | Bag: LV |

Happy Hump Day!

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