Covet: Aritzia Online, New Leather Bag!


Happy Monday!

I was shopping with the cuz over the weekend and after much deliberation and always seeing it through the store front windows practically calling my name, I finally decided to buy the Lexington Saffiano leather Large Dome bag from Danier Leather seen here.

Plus check out all the other items that are lookin’ mighty fine and a great addition to any wardrobe!

I bought it in the warm taupe color–something I figured would transition to fall/winter fine and add a nice neutral touch to my wardrobe. In the recent months since starting to plan my wedding, I realized that luxe leather goods from Holts may be slightly out of reach for me as the wedding expenses start to mount. I am an avid shopper and though have somewhat curbed my appetite for shopping hauls, still enjoy the occasional splurges. This bag was somewhat of an indulgence but by no means a splurge…It was on originally for $149 CDN and on sale as I bought it, at $99.00 cdn (plus tax of course). The fact that it’s real saffiano leather (yup, the same one from Prada, Tory Burch and Michael Kors) and for an everyday bag, I think it’s a nice steal!

I instantly fell in love with the bag shape when I first saw it at Louis Vuitton in the cream patent leather monogram version they had. As this was out of reach (and slightly bit of a splurge) I decided to walk away. I again saw the same bag shape from a friend who had the a bag the same shape, though in a hello kitty bag. It was a similar patent style but in a hello kitty pattern–my description does not do its cuteness justice.

I am a fan of Danier Leather bags, reasonably priced leather bags that look fashionable. I am also in love with their jackets too! I have my eye on a certain biker jacket lol.




Also, I have been browsing the online site for Artizia (I hate going in when it’s super crowded!) and have found some note-worthy items to keep my eye on for the months ahead!

Although I had practically sworn off these peacoats from Artizia that never seem to have extra supply of buttons, one look at this coat and they had me at ‘Heathered Italian Wool’..I am a sucker for luxe fabric coats and so maybe i’ll give this a chance! At $298 it’s no chump change!

Wilfred Chevalier Jacket

If you haven’t noticed a pattern yet, it’s that there is a hefty price tag that comes with shopping at Aritzia, although they are made with better quality products so it’s not like you don’t get what you pay for.  I think for some items, it can still run on the overly priced side, but for items like the chevalier topper above, the versatility of this blazer pretty much pays for itself per wear.  I have the black and it’s one of my favorite toppers–for work like a blazer, or over a dress as a light coat.  It works with a lot of looks and can transition from casual to semi-formal with a few changes! It is priced at $225 –still slightly more than most blazers, but this is one piece that i’d consider more of an investment in your staples!

Check them out on the Ariztia website!

Happy Monday!

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