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There is something to be said about my random cleaning sprees that occur without warning and if lucky, I actually finish.  Last night was a spring cleaning of sorts for my clothes which ended in a huge bag full of clothes for either donating, selling or giving away to my mom (there are some with tags I know she’ll appreciate!).  I am somewhat of a minor hoarder, holding on to some material things filled with memories.  I am still unable to part with a top that my grandmother supposedly got for me (even though I know it’s from my aunt, bless her heart and rest in peace) even though I have yet to wear it. 

I simultaneously love and hate going through my closet for old things already forgotten–it just reminds me that I hold on to things too damn long! Thank goodness I decided to do some cleaning out of a spur of the moment inkling that I am missing a dress that I could have sworn I had.  I did find the dress, and then the snowball of clothes tucked in the closet along with that dress just came out.  Out of this spring cleaning I have had some revelations about myself: a) I really suck at parting with old clothes that don’t even fit nor flatter me b) I hate admitting that I made a mistake with a piece of clothing and will stubbornly keep it until I am forced to part with it. I actually go through my closet more frequently than most people just because it takes me a couple of more go-arounds to finally let something go.  The silver lining (there is more than one here) is that there is now room for the clothes I have recently purchased and haven’t been able to keep in the the closet due to the old clutter that was hangin’ about.  As an example of how old some of the items in my closet are, I still have an old pair of sweat pants that don’t even fit me, but still somewhat look decently new and was from my freshman college days…..11 years ago!!! I know, seriously wtf right? I also still have my old high school kilt (catholic school, enough said) Some are treasures like my high school kilt, but others just need a better home.

I guess it’s appropriate to be posting this today, throwback Thursday as I did end up looking back to some throwback moments from the clothing I ended up parting with.  It’s great to time-warp from all the memories of the past, even just for a bit!


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