Thursday Throwback: The best years and transitions


L to R: My cousin and I at a club years ago and me in Las Vegas Feb 2014.

I never thought of it before now, how much I’ve changed in the last decade.  I’ve looked back at my poor, poor (I do mean poor) choices in fashion and beauty from years past and got a good laugh out of it but never thought beyond it.  It’s only this morning that I was feeling good about my work outfit that I suddenly thought to myself how much I’ve changed.  I remember in my early years of clubbing (pictured above left) thinking how cute I looked in outfits that I shake my head at and ponder with bewilderment now at my choices.  Thank goodness for pictures to help reminisce haha.

I had sowed my wild oats in my 20s so to speak, and I had fun doing it.  I look back with some regrets but all in all, it molded me to the person I am today so I am feeling resolved.  I do think however, that despite others thinking that being in your 20s is the best years of your life, I am thinking otherwise.  I recently entered my early 30s and despite being in denial about being a year off last year, I am feeling like this decade is going to be even better than last.  I feel as though being in my 30s has given me a new lease on life and all my mistakes and run-ins in my 20s have given me the tools to better handle life in my 30s.  I feel like these years could actually be, the best years of my life.  I know, crazy right?  Thinking that my life is just beginning? lol.  It also helps that I am also getting married soon so as far as new chapters go lol.

I was always a late bloomer (except in the dating area lol); I never went out late in my teens, only started clubbing around 21 or 22 and started to be open to new things around mid to late 20s.  I guess that’s part of the reason I feel that for me personally my 30s are like my reinvention of my 20s.  I feel young (with the exception of my age catching up to me physically lol) and being Asian, I am blessed with getting away with looking abit younger.

Fashion wise, I notice that my fashion leans more towards office wear rather than cocktail hours.  I find things that can transition from day to night and then be mixed up for the weekend.  Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve been blessed to be working in a business casual environment so dressing up for work is hardly ever a problem.  Quality becomes more important than quantity, and I feel like every time I go shopping for clothing, I have to be more strategic and make my dollar stretch.  Cost per wear comes into my mind more than how cute it looks on the mannequin.  I welcome the new phase of my life fashion wise because I am more confident now in what style I like (even though it doesn’t always show) more so than before.  If there is one thing I would say that I don’t like, it’s my weight issues.  Being a stick thin person in my early 20s, I never thought that calories were ever going to catch up to me as it has now, and I have to work twice as hard to even get close to my happy weight.  It is also the culprit behind my never wanting to wear half of the clothes in my closet–I always feel fat in them!

I hope that my fashion reflection has somehow made you laugh, cry, reflect on your own journey in life or just gave you some insight in to me! I also hope that it gave you some insight that you can take with you and not have just wasted your time!

Happy Thursday!

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