White Out: essentials for spring/summer


During Spring/Summer, I try not to shop so much so that I can conserve much needed closet space for my more favored seasons fall/winter.  I do love the warmer weather, don’t get me wrong, but I find that the hotter seasons require less layers and therefore, the extras like coats become redundant.  During these seasons, my go-to color (or lack thereof) are white, cream with pops of color.  When I do shop, I try to stick to basics that I can live in if not all spring/summer, then all season long.  Items that can transition and work are best, but sometimes, a nice pair of white tailored shorts are worth the splurge!

I have put together some of the items on my spring/summer shopping list so far (clockwise from L to R)…

1. Gap 1961 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans – There is nothing that looks laid back and chic at the same time like a nice pair of boyfriend jeans–in white! I pretty much live in my boyfriend jeans during the weekends, and sometimes I even get away with wearing them to work! (sans the distressing of course) I love wearing them with flats, heels and even my canvas shoes, they are an essential in my closet.  My workplace is more business casual and I can usually get away with wearing my skinnies to work but I find them a little binding at times lol. It may be a bit pricey, but for how much I’ve used it, I think that they are a good deal compared to more expensive brands (especially when you coincidentally hit the store when it’s 40% off!)

2. Gap Favorite Short-sleeve crew tee – I love tees, they are versatile and comfortable–it is a true essential in my closet.  It’s versatile enough to be layered inside a blazer or sweater, or worn on it’s own from jeans, to shorts to skirts–you can’t not find a use for them! lol (I know double negative).  I love the simplicity and laidback look of a tee.  Get a few, trust me, you’ll be wearing it for most of summer! I wear it almost as much as I wear my racerback tanktops…both equally good with shorts!

3. Zara White high-waisted shorts – two of my fave styles, high-waisted and shorts! I love a nicely tailored pair of shorts.  It is a good alternative to skirts and great with sandals or heels.  I prefer these more tailored poly blend shorts to the usual khaki (tho I do own those too) because you can dress these up or down with changing the accessories.  You can wear these with a nicely colored blazer (hot pink or yellow) and you’re good to go for a brunch or dinner out! FYI, I love these shorts so much, I have them in black too! lol.

4. Zara short pique blazer – I am obsessed with white! no joke, I love it as a nice layering piece for spring/summer! it works with jeans and trouser pants for work, and then with shorts for a casual day/night out.  It’s a good topper when it gets slightly breezy.  I love the boxy style, sort of sixties Jackie Kennedy feel to it!

5. Zara Gathered shoulders blazer – If you haven’t noticed already (especially in one of my oldest blog posts) I am obsessed with blazers! lol I especially love these 90s style structured shoulder blazers…I have almost every colour in the boyfriend style ones, and now I think i’ll end up collecting this style too lol.  For someone that isn’t as big up top as others, I think it balances my bottom half abit considering i’m abit more bottom heavy.   I love that these come in so many colors! I already have the powder blue and black, and white is next on my list! It’s a great topper for warmer nights when you want a layering piece but not necessarily a jacket.

I chose to highlight the pieces that I find are important to use as either a base or a topper to add to, mix and match together for great outfits!


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