Good Friday in Boyfriend Jeans and Tweed


As a catholic, the significance of the day has not escaped me but as a currently non-practicing one, I will take any day off that is thrown my way!

My cousin and I spent the only nice day for the long weekend in downtown for some eats and some shopping!  I found it weird how the day went from sunny to rain in one afternoon…Ah, the fickle Vancouver weather.


We went to the Burrard skytrain station where there was supposed to be a nice row of cherry blossom trees just surrounding the station.  Unfortunately, we were about a few weeks too late but it still looked nice and serene…




We took some pics and then went off to get some grub at the Cactus Club nearby.  I love the branch on Dunsmuir, its so nice!


It was all in all, a good afternoon!

What I wore: Coat: Banana Republic | Sweater & Boyfriend Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Danier Leather |

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