Wedding Plans: Save the Dates are printed!


You have no idea how super duper excited I am that my Save the date cards are done! Well, I guess you kinda do because I just used ‘super duper’ and I haven’t used that in like, ever. Anywhoos, the grey circles you see are the wonderful scratch off stickers that I have stuck on the cards to hide the date and for the guests to scratch and find out!  I wanted something interactive that will have everyone remember the awesomeness of our save the date cards lol.  I sure hope they also remember the date! ha!

I love that these cards were personal and hand made.  I created the card itself on MS word (thanks Microsoft!) and then had it printed at Costco.  These days it’s easy enough if you’re creative and have the time to make your own cards.  I just ordered the stickers from Etsy (or could’ve made the scratch stickers myself if I had the time) and put them together. The whole project including the envelopes I bought for the cards total to $50.00 which comes up to about 99 cents per card!

I also got a ziplock full of almost shiny pennies from one of my bridesmaids to give along with the cards for them to scratch with!

I am so excited for everyone to start scratching and saving the date!~

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