Monday in Tweed and white jeans

Like everyone else working a 9-5 workweek, I dread Mondays.  They are long and often times dragging to the point of snoredom.  My only salvation most days is the promise that every day that I finish a work day brings me closer to the weekend….and this week, it’s a long weekend for me!

While easter only really has good Friday as a stat (I may not be an active member at church but I know my holidays!) but Easter Mondays are usually at the discretion of the workplace–and which I’m lucky enough to be working at one of those that gladly gives us that extra day off!  I am glad to be able to get an extra day off, even if I don’t have any specific plans to speak of.  We are having a staycation and hopefully the weather cooperates!

What I wore: Coat: Banana Republic | Sweater: Gap | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Nine west | Bag: Danier Leather |

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