Sunday fun in the sun: Fairisle for Spring

I am loving the back to back sunny days for the weekend, I live for them! I don’t get to dress the way I want during weekdays when it’s sunny because of work.  As casual as work is, there are still rules!  Sunday was our chance to get our save the dates printed (Finally) and be able to send them to everyone.

I wasn’t sure it was going to be warm because in my mind, spring in Vancouver can guarantee a sunny day or two but not warmth until closer to summer.  I wanted to get one last wear out of my chunky sweater as a topper before it gets too warm! We quickly dropped by Aberdeen mall for what was supposed to be dimsum, but decided to just grab something at the food court before heading down to a very busy Costco to pick up our prints.

What I wore: Fair Isle Sweater: Forever 21 | jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: payless | Bag: Zara | Sunnies: Raybans |

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