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I think everyone that is a gladiator can agree with me that Olivia Pope is not only a heroine (albeit flawed at times) but also a style icon.  She rules the room with her take no prisoners attitude and her flawless style.  I can say with confidence that a lot if not every blogger that is as obsessed with Scandal has their own reasons for being as fierce an admirer as I am about Olivia’s style.  Here are my reasons.

I think one of the things that I love about Olivia Pope is that her character is flawed.  She falls down and gets back up, she falls in love with someone she isn’t supposed to and she makes mistakes–all of what makes her human.  Perfection in a character can make it hard to relate as we all make mistakes, and she is no different.  Even with her big wins, we still see her vulnerability and her flaws.  I think that any role model you look upto must not only have the positive qualities that make her a great role model but also the realness of one.  Any role model that only has perfection and goodness without showing any kind of flaw is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing, or worse yet, a politician.  I think being perfect doesn’t define your character but instead the ability to get back up after falling, and the way that you handle yourself when the chips are down.

Umm hello, fashion!? Can we just talk about her awesome fashion? I will forever admire anyone that can make tailored pieces look anything but mundane and ordinary.  I have always loved crisp, tailored pieces and the way that they look put together and have had difficulty with the ever-changing shift to loose, shapeless couture.  Women like Olivia Pope and Emmanuelle Alt make it ok to look simple or tailored and still be extraordinarily gorgeous and powerful.  She puts new twist to otherwise boring work pieces and brings new life to what would otherwise be just another blah suit.  I can honestly say that I am more excited about my work clothes lately than I am about my party clothes.  I am excited to wake up every morning and be creative about what to wear to work–looking fashionable like Ms. Pope while still work appropriate.

There is no substitute for luxury..I love her handbag collection! I love bags, and this is nothing new but she brings luxury to the workplace by sporting bags like the Saffiano Prada bag or the Saint Laurent.  She gives women permission to look their best and feel at best in their luxury bags and beautiful suits.  Just because you are at the workplace, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good by dressing your best.

The white hat…I love that hat.  I love hats! The white hat she wears which is both figurative of her putting the white hat back on and a gorgeous accessory is just one of my fave accessories that she wears!

The most important fact is that Olivia Pope is based on a real person–a woman that works as a fixer in Washington, Judy Smith.  Read her rules here.

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