Thursday Workwear in Powder Blue and White

As far as spring days go, I am pleasantly surprised that Vancouver has brought a few sunny days in between the rainy spring days that are more of a staple.  When I know that it’s going to be a relatively sunny day, I get inspired to dress accordingly!

That was my I’m the boss type pose in my office haha.  I thought i’d get a shot in my office!

I love the gathered shoulders for this blazer, I love the structure and the clean lines.  It guess you could say it was a love at first sight moment when I saw this for the first time at Zara in Las Vegas.  I was about to buy it but the only small they had on the rack had make-up stains (again, I rant on how annoying it is to see make-up stains on clothes at the stores).  I grabbed the black but always longed to get this color.  It actually comes in one more color, yellow, and short of getting every color in the crayon box so to speak, I am tempted to make it a threesome and grab that last color.  It would be perfect for summer!  I have to say, I am no stranger to buying multiples when I find a great piece of clothing, but alas, that is a story for another post lol.

What I wore: Blazer & Bag: Zara same here | Top: Forever 21 (old) | Jeans: American Eagle Skinnies | Shoes: Nine West (old) |


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