Humpday in Mustard and Leather

leen 1

I hope everyone had a lovely hump day in the sun! Days that start and end with sunshine are the best days for me, although the bad part is that when I take a lunch break, it’s hard to want to walk back!

It was a pretty easy day at work, followed by a grueling work-out.  The gym was dead probably from the sunshine, everyone took their work-out outside.

The sunshine gave me inspiration to wear something bright instead of my usual black and white!  One fashion faux-pas that I never thought about that I noticed now is that when you are short and you are wearing crops, it is best to wear pumps that don’t cut the leg off between where pant legs end and the shoe begins.  It tends to make one look short as I did here.

kat 1

My cousin and I decided to stroll around robson once again (I believe that with the nicer weather, it’s become quite a habit).  It was nice during sunset though I forget that even though it’s spring the colder nights still linger.  I love spring and the cherry blossoms blooming, all that’s missing is the warmer temps.


The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom all over downtown.  You wouldn’t know it any other time than during spring varying shades of pink to white appear in the middle of downtown Vancouver! We ended our night at The Keg Yaletown for some appies.

What I wore: Jacket, shoes & Bag: Zara | Sweater: BCBG | Pants: Banana Republic |

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