Baptism in Pink an Black Peplum


Last Saturday in the afternoon downpour on a spring day, I went to a baptism at St. Mary’s. As usual, we were in a rush out the door due to my usual miscalculations of how long it really takes me to get ready lol.  We made it in the knick of time, just enough time to grab a seat at the back.  Honestly, I was half counting on it to start late as things don’t usually start on time for Filipinos lol.  What I hadn’t counted on was the fact that were was more than one baptism going on and so of course it started mostly on time.

Due to the time constraints, I never got a proper picture of my outfit–though it was hardly relevant as I found out that true to form, no one even saw what I wore as I ended up wearing my coat as the actual outfit at church.  There wasn’t much point to taking off my coat as it was somewhat cool enough at church that I could keep it on.  I ended up wearing my black zara peplum coat that I was wearing here. I did take some pics of my options though, so I thought i’d post it here (as was posted on my instagram).


I wanted to go for a more pastel spring theme as it is afterall, a baptism in the spring.  I wore the top that I showed in the pic above, but went with a checked black and white skirt and checked black and white shoes.  I was just playing dress-up the night before and decided to try on my new sandals but didn’t wear it to the actual baptism (I mean besides that it wouldn’t even look appropriate!) lol.  The pink double pleated skirt is from Dynamite (an old skirt).

What I ended up wearing: Top: BCBG (seen above and here) | Skirt: everly (not pictured) | shoes: Zara (not pictured) |

Option #2 that I was so sure I was going with but decided to save for another occasion was an Everly dress that I loved and got on sale.


Happy Monday!

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