What’s in your bag? (Tag)

If you are a frequent You tube follower you would see this tag floating around the top bloggers, the ‘What’s in my bag?’ tag. While I worry that this gives someone insight to what valuables I hold in my bag, because I frequently change bags and contents (which is why I think this tag will be fun to do from time to time) I guess (and hope) there is no harm in sharing my bag contents with all of you!


My not so new anymore Danier Leather handbag which suprisingly, fits a whole lot! I didn’t realize it bears a keen resemblance to the Rebecca Minkoff bag, though this didn’t cost me a fortune lol. I got it for a great deal–$80 (cdn) plus tax!

1. Make-up bagNever leave home without it! I love that my new handbag accommodates for my makeup bag. It’s great to have your most important essentials with me in case I need a touch-up from day to night!

2. Hand Lotion – I am frequently washing my hands (as everyone should!) and that means dry hands! I love this lotion my cousin turned me to long ago–it instantly moisturizes my hands! Of course it doesn’t last too long, in which case once i find one that keeps the moisture longer I may persuaded to switch! (any suggestions!?)

3. Point and shoot camera – As with any blogger, I almost always carry a camera with me…after all, i never know when the urge to shoot will strike! It also helps when it’s needed for emergencies like car accidents.

4. Medication Pouch – If you’re a so-called kid in a bubble like me, then you probably need certain medications handy like me. Luckily, my needs aren’t so dire as to require serious meds. I do however, take the ones that come in handy to have like allergy pills, acide reducer pills and sometimes, inhalers. It’s always good to keep them all neatly in a pouch so as not to scatter all over inside the bag!

5. Hand Sanitizer – I try to carry this as a way to combat lack of a nearby washroom if I am in need to get my hands clean. It’s great when eating out and in a rush because sometimes I don’t necessarily trust washrooms either lol.

6. Sunglasses – and in some cases prescription eyeglass case when i bring it along. I try to take care of my glasses so I always bring the cases with me even if it gets bulky. In Vancouver, it rains as fast as the sun appears so it’s always good to have sunnies ready!

7. Keys– This is an obvious one, i am a chronic forgetful of my keys and so the lanyard (which the top half has now gotten lost) with a clamp (is that what it’s called) helps when i need to attach it to my bag quickly. It has saved me from moments of forgetfulness!

Care to share what’s in your bag?

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