What to Wear? Baptism this weekend

While everyone does the throwback thing today (I know I did below!) I am trying to look ahead and dig deep into my closet for something to wear for this weekend’s upcoming Baptism that I have to attend.  While I’m usually good at thinking of what to wear on the fly (or maybe a day’s notice) for special occasions like these it’s usually hard for me.  This is the second baptism that I’ll be attending as an adult with a fully stacked closet (hard to believe eh?) so I feel some pressure in being able to look presentable yet still stay chic.  It also doesn’t help that it’s supposed to rain this weekend so my choices of what to wear will tend to fall at the mercy of the weather.  While pondering my outfit last night, I suddenly thought to surf the net for what the royals wore for Prince George’s christening.  I always tend to air on the side of formal rather than casual dressing when it comes to such events so I thought the inspiration is just right up my alley!  The last baptism I went to coincidentally had the same unpleasant weather which is weird.

Last year’s outfit choices (excuse the dirt on the mirror lol) consisted of a lot of white which I thought was appropriate for a baptism…

What I wore…

From Left to Right:

— Matching Blazer & Skirt: BEBE | Top: Talula | Shoes: Guess |

— Cream Suit: Zara | Lace Top: Le Chateau | Shoes: Guess |

— White double breasted Blazer: Dynamite | Top: not shown | Skirt: Le Chateau | Shoes: Guess |

I always consider a two piece instead of automatically choosing a dress–especially an expensive dress.  It’s hard to find an occasion to wear a dress let alone be able to wear it more than once if photographed.  Mixing and matching separates are easier and one could build more outfit choices from that.  Not it’s not to say I don’t have a nice dress or two from Marciano or BCBG, I just don’t think it’s worth investing in a piece that can’t be worn more than one way except for a outer layer piece.


See? I wasn’t that far off from my color choice! lol. I love that these royals just exuded elegance even with just a cream coat topper.  I was planning on wearing mine for the baptism sans fascinator which I think would look great with a dress that I have in mind.  I love the frilly detailing of the coat that Kate Middleton wore–why not make the coat a statement piece if it’s too cold to show off the dress! I’ve seen this done quite abit in the colder months in London and even for the weddings they have attended.  I just wish I could wear a fascinator lol.

What do you think is a great outfit to wear for baptism?



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