Weekend in the City: Dimsum and Shopping in Leather and Tweed

Springtime weather in Vancouver can be a mixed bag of rain, sun and even snow in some cases.  You can’t predict what the days throw at you weather-wise, so you always have to be prepared with whatever mother nature hands your way.  Saturday was no exception.  It was a fun weekend with dimsum and some shopping around downtown.

Bf and I don’t always head out during the daytime so it’s nice when we do find the time to do so.  We started out heading to my favorite place for dimsum (weird place for it, I know, but I do love their food!) Westview Oriental Restaurant in North Vancouver.  As always, delicious food and good service so if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by!

We reached the city by around 1:30pm (late dimsum!) and I could already see the clouds rolling in…It wasn’t raining yet but with Vancouver, it’s not if it rains but when.  I’ve laernt that the one essential thing a woman needs in her purse besides the usual wallet, keys and a compact is an umbrella–in Vancouver.  If there is ever any wisdom I can dispense to anyone–always bring an umbrella with you!

I always have a habit of never dressing warm enough for the weather because in my mind, spring should be warmer (damn you polar vortex!) but I thought since this jacket was pretty warm, even if it was a cropped jacket it should keep me adequately warm.  If you’ve read my previous post, I’ve been looking for a blazer or jacket with bell sleeves after seeing a gorge version on Kourtney Kardashian.  I’m not one to buy just because a celebrity has it, but I just loved that piece and just had to find it.  Unfortunately either that pic was a few seasons back or maybe it was just the timing–I just couldn’t find anything close.  I finally found this at BCBG and it was on sale so I grabbed it!  It is cinched at the waist because it was a size bigger than what I normally wear and I haven’t quite decided if I want to get it altered or just continue cinching it since it worked perfectly fine.

What I wore: Jacket: BCBG (old) | Cableknight Sweater: Blue Notes (old) | Leather leggings: H&M | Boots: Le Chateau | Belt: Zara (from my coat) | Bag: Danier Leather |

It was on and off sunshine and rain but it was still pretty good weather compared to being torrential rain!





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