Vegas Birthday Weekend: Day 2 – being a Gladiator!

So Thursday, we were relatively well rested (as compared to the day we arrived that is!) and during the daytime gallivanted around venetian and palazzo for the day.  I had just bought these gladiator sandals which I totally love, and got a lot of compliments too!

Not a lot of pics since it’s the same ol’ vegas we’ve visited year after year lol.  I did manage to take this pic of the garlic parmesan fries from I heart burgers lol.  It was pretty good actually.  I had a hankering for meat and it was conveniently at Venetian.

I was surprised such a casual eatery was found in the Venetian.  The hotel itself always looked slightly more fancy for something such as a burger joint.  I am happy to be wrong! If you are ever at Venetian and don’t want the fancy schmancy 10 course lunch (which i’m sure is well deserved if you’re reserving one fancy meal and that’s what you chose) then that burger joint is for you.  We chose to reserve our fancy eating for dinners!

What I wore: Top: Gap | shorts: Forever 21 | sandals: Steve Madden | Bag: Danier Leather |

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