Travel: airport wear

So, for trips I always get way too excited and can’t help but prepare early.  One of the things I like to do is try to find the perfect aiport wear (I know, geek right!?) so that I’m not only comfy going through the aiport security checks all whilst staying in fashion!

When looking for my perfect airport style I always go to the celebs and their airport fashion style to guide me, because of course their jet-set lifetstyle sets the stage for it!

I am forever a fan of Jennifer Aniston and her style going around the city or at the airport.  Her chic laid back cali style is just to die for, not to mention easy to take cues from.  Everyone has simple white tees, jeans and scarves right!? haha.  I adore her.

Jenny McCarthy I’ve loved for her effortless sex kitten looks, as if she just came right out of a pin-up calendar.  I never thought of her having a laid-back airport style, but I did like this most recent one with her sweetie lol.

Lastly, in the last little bit before her man came on the scene, Kim K had a great and very chic airport style. I totally envied her style with all the latest brand names and the way she just put it together effortlessly.  I especially loved when she paired high and low fashion as most of us mere mortals aren’t so lucky to have all the high-end brands…

My airport style suggestions?

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