Wedding Plans: decor on a budget

Apologies for the bombardment of wedding posts, I am trying to compile everything from planning a wedding to house renos and blogging on top of working–I am just all over the place! lol.  I do enjoying having things to plan but I think it’s all just coming to a head too fast!

Anyways, our wedding is on a tight budget because there are other priorities that take a front seat to a wedding, even though i’d still like to make it a great wedding

Every girl–me included, dreams of their perfect wedding.  For awhile I haven’t thought much about it so now i’m coming to terms with what I want for my wedding…let’s face it, my dreams of a big, grand wedding don’t reconcile with the person I grew up to be and what in my head I envision my wedding now to be…


So with a tiny budget to work with, I wanted to make the décor more of a DIY (even when I know I’ve been told to try and stay away from DIYs).  I love these beautiful tissue paper dahlias that are hung above.  I hope that this is possible to do at the venue we chose because I would like to have the ceiling have a few draping down!

What do you think? Personally, I don’t think décor has to be expensive to be beautiful!

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