Wedding plans: bridesmaids

Good Morning!
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This morning I am happy–elated that a highschool friend that I had met up with last night said yes to being my bridesmaid! woohoo! I’ve got my first bridesmaid! hehe.

I wanted to have my entourage be filled with people that mean more to me.  I didn’t want ‘stand-ins’ to fill the place of those that should be there.  For some lucky girls, having lots of girlfriends comes easy.  I have always been more partial to boys as I grew up a tomboy and so even throughout my dating years have had a few more guy friends than girlfriends.

I was nervous to ask this friend because we don’t catch up as much as we used to, but everytime we do it’s like nothing much has changed and we still get along as much as we always used to.  I imagine that this nervousness from the rejection must be what it was like to pop the question and wait for an answer lol.

I am glad that the few girlfriends that I’ve tried to keep in contact with over the years are still there for me regardless.  Even if there are a few people that are only pretending to be on my side, it’s good to have those that truly have my back being with me on my special day. 

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