Weekend comfort: Brunch in Gastown!

There is nothing like a nice, sunny Vancouver day to head out and have a delicious brunch out! My fiancé’s schedules and mine have been clashing with certain plans that pop up lately so we carve out time here and there to spend time.  This time, we went for brunch at one of my favorite spots in town, Meat and Bread.

If you haven’t been, you are totally missing out! I am such a fan of this place, their sandwiches are just devine!  My eternal fave though, is the porchetta.  I think it’s the Filipino in me that loves the crackling skin with soft savoury meat infused with flavor.  Oops, it’s starting to sound like a food post instead of a fashion post haha.

I love staying comfy during the weekends, and if boots don’t happen to be my uniform of choice if there isn’t rain out.  I try to alternate between my casual sneakers and flats, but lately because it’s still cold out, I wear my sneakers with the slip on socks for an extra layer and comfort.  I wore one of my favorite blazers, the houndstooth blazer I was after for so long from Banana Republic.  I got it for a sweet deal at 50% across the border! (sweet deals). I love when my work clothes can pull double duty from work week to weekend wear!

After Meat and bread, we went for coffee at starbucks before parting ways.  I went off to Robson to get some sight-seeing done and he went off for his afternoon appointment after dropping me off!

After taking a picture of the lady with the lucky, red envelopes I got picked up by the fiancé. It was for some competition at Pacific Centre that you can enter for Chinese New Year–guess how many envelopes is on her and drop the guess in the box beside her (not pictured).

Overall a lovely day!

What I wore: Houndstooth Blazer: Banana Republic | Fleece Pull-over: Old Navy | Boyfriend Jeans: Gap | Sneakers: Payless | Bag: Danier Leather |

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