Wedding Plans: The Engagement Photos

So I was debating about this…I’m not one for the expensive, elaborate pictures because it wouldn’t represent the fiancé and I. I want something simple and meaningful when it comes to engagement pictures–something that will be beautiful and serene…

We have decided on asking a friend to take the engagement pictures and have decided on taking them in Portland, where we got engaged. I am truly excited about it, and I hope that it turns out good! It’s a difficult thing to involve a friend in something that you could hire another fellow professional for. For one thing, it can put your friendship on the line and if it doesn’t turn out right, you could ruin a friendship. On the other hand, some ventures work out the best when friends are involved.

I only have one vision for this engagement picture session, to show the love and commitment without words.

Have you entrusted a friend to help out for your wedding? How has it turned out?

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