Thank You!

I just received a notification that I reach 200 likes overall! Thank you to those that take the time to check out my blog and like the posts. It means the world to me for you to take time out to check out my small space 🙂 I love to blog and read comments so I know what to blog about next or any suggestions anyone may have. I once aspired to be a writer or full time blogger–and while that has never come into fruition, I am glad that my small blog reaches a number of people even if just for leisurely reading!

I hope you all continue to visit, like and comment here…It has been creatively fulfilling for me! Blogging has also helped me to realize a few things about myself–I am not as snappy a dresser as I thought I was! haha at least not everytime. It has given me a window to being more self-aware fashion-wise and to step back and re-evaluate any mistakes I would have otherwise not seen had I not blogged!


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