Fresh new cut for the new year!

Ushering in the new year always brings about changes.  It’s a time for new beginnings as the cliché goes and in the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve done something drastic that I haven’t done in so long.  I have cut my hair short! Yup, I said it–CUT not trim. I’ve been meaning to do it since last October, having the itch to change up my hairstyle.  The reason that I delayed it until the new year was partially due to the parties I knew I’d be attending during the holidays, and I thought I’d keep it long until after so that I could style it one more time before officially changing it.

It’s not even really new considering every few years I get the urge to cut it short.  Years back I had it to my chin and had that Victoria Beckham hairstyle of the angled short bob going.  Note to the wise, it’s good to maybe consult a hair expert or even try a wig before doing such a permanent and huge change lol….I found out the hard way that Victoria Beckham I am not!

Anyways, except for the residual regret every now and then I get due to missing my long hair, I am loving it! It’s been awhile since my hair has been this short so of course I expected some anxiety over missing my old style….

Out with the old…in with the new! Plus this way, I can regrow my hair to the length it was before in time for my wedding!

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