It’s the new year! Time for resolutions…

It’s the second day of a brand new year…Time for a fresh start and looking forward to what’s in store for this year!  I love fresh beginnings, it’s a chance to start over, look back to what has happened and leave the bad behind and take the lessons with you. I thought i’d take a second or two out of my day to share some of the resolutions I thought of for this year….Now, normally I’m not a resolutions type of gal as I know how easy it can be to break them; I thought this year I’d try some to get into the spirit of self-improvement for the new year!

  • Save – I am a crazy shopper at times! Not a shopaholic, but it’s one my worst vices, shopping.  I thought i’d try to save more money, for the wedding, trips and the future.
  • Get fit! – I am notoriously not a fitness person and every year I struggle with getting my butt to the gym.  I hate having to set time aside to have to drag my behind to the gym and work out….I will try harder this year tho!
  • Learn new things – I always try to learn one thing that I didn’t know how to do before…last year it was swimming (which unfortunately, I gave up haha) it’s scary for me to get out of my comfort zone to try new things so it’s especially important that I try and continue this resolution this year!
  • Be more charitable –  I have not been raised to be selfish, but I was raised to be careful about who I give to…I’ve always strived to err on the side of caution..
  • Get more sleep! – this is obvious but needs to be stated; I need more sleep.  I am a nightowl, which is a side effect of college that I have never outgrown.
  • Be Nice and don’t criticize – it’s one of those things that shouldn’t just be a resolution but is a given as we are taught by our parents…it’s just that it comes easier for some than others.  I mean i am nice, but it’s just being aware that i should be nicer and not criticize so much!

Like I said, there’s always room for improvement! Resolutions should be simple enough to follow but allow you to grow and improve!

Happy New Year!

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