Fridate Make-up: Flat out Fabulous!

No, I’m not getting cocky! lol I should explain that the lip color I am wearing for date night is a more adventurous one, it’s called ‘Flat out Fabulous‘ from MAC…

Prior to our long weekend trip to Portland and Seattle, I had searched for this lipstick high and low at every MAC store, from the free-standing ones to the kiosks at the Bay.  I had asked every week leading up to the weekend trip to no avail.  I had all but given up hope (did I mention it was also sold out online!?) and finally, eureka! I found it at South Centre mall!

Here is another close-up of the look.  I just did natural earthy tones for the eyeshadow because the lip is more bold.  I don’t always listen to the general rule of playing up one part lol but there is merit to focusing on one feature on the face!

Also, I was wearing a tanktop lol I wasn’t naked.  Don’t ask why the skin on my shoulders is different, I don’t wear lighter foundation–in fact, I don’t even wear foundation, just BB cream! lol. I think it’s my camera phone haha.

Happy Tuesday!

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