Post Drive by: Deco Clay Craft Academy.

Hola peeps! Sorry I’ve been awol these past few weeks, it’s hard to have a full time job that isn’t the blog! My spare time comes and goes, and before I know it it’s time for bed! lol. Anywhoos, I digress..

So I was checking out the Martha Stewart website (as I so often do in my spare time, she is one of my craft idols!) and saw the wedding she had thrown for her niece Sophie in Las Vegas.  Now It’s come up a time or two between the bf and I that sometimes it’s easier to just go through the less fuss and muss way and get married in Vegas–and while his idea of a vegas wedding isn’t quite like what I envisioned, seeing the possibilities has definitely opened my mind to it! Check out the wedding pics on her website. It’s cute!

One thing I noticed are the beautiful flowers that I was surprised to find out is made entirely out of clay! I loved that for this particular wedding, the bouquet is a recreation of her mom’s bouquet at her own wedding.  I love the idea of the bouquet lasting and can be kept as a souvenir!

Deco Clay craft academy not only does hand-crafted flowers, but also teaches classes! amazing.  I will definitely remember to check out a class when in the area! Also, it’s another thing that i can add to my dream wedding idea book!

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