Sunday Brunch at Chaise


Good Morning westcoasters!

It’s almost the weekend again–I do adore long weekends, they make the week go by so fast!

I don’t wake up early enough for breakfast–ever, so it’s such a delight when we can find time to go for brunch!

Just before we had to start cooking the rib roast, bf and I went out for a quick brunch at Chaise on Main street.  We had frequented the resto-lounge a few times mostly for dinner and appies but this was a first for brunch.

I decided to try the grilled cheese, recently loving my experience at Burgoo just for comparison’s sake.

I had the server add bacon due to my recent cravings lol.

The¬†verdict? delish! It’s not quite the same as Burgoo’s which is still a fave in my opinion, but this comes in a close second!

In keeping with the whole brunching, I washed my grilled cheese down with a Mimosa which I was slightly disappointed with it not coming in a flute but still refreshing!

Any recommendations for great places to go for brunch in Vancouver?

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