Shopping Saturdate: hacking hacket and boots!

Aaah! i am so inlove with autumn at home–from the multi-hued foliage and the trees bending as if to create a dome over the sidewalk to the leaves that just fall beautifully along the pavement as if to lead the way…Just breathtaking!

Haha if you haven’t noticed, I am just so in love with autumn, and combining this season with being in Vancouver just makes me fall inlove with my hometown all over again!

I know that a blazer seems slightly stuffy for a weekend jaunt, especially a relaxing shopping date but I love a good blazer–especially when it’s more than just aesthetically pleasing but also practical! This hacking jacket (or a hunting jacket) is a wool blend and thick enough for the slightly cooler temps that day cause don’t let the sunshine fool you, it was quite chilly that day as well! My fave about this jacket was the arm patches that just made it all the more authentic, almost like the pricier hacking jackets that I so love from Ralph Lauren!

on Alberni street

I love a good stroll on a sunny day in downtown–and last saturday was no different! My cousin and I decided to head to downtown to do a little long weekend shopping since we’re staying in town!

We decided to take a quick photo-op before heading down to Robson.  It’s as if the sun-god just smiled on our shopping date!

What I wore: Blazer: Zara | Sweater: Old Navy | Pants: Sirens | Boots: Zara | Bag: LV | Sunglasses: ray-bans

Happy Wednesday!

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