Throwback Thursday: Drop Waist Dress

Happy Thursday, all!

I thought I’d share a TBT with everyone of my fave dress which, if you’re thinking you’ve seen it in one of my posts before–it’s because you have!

I’ve been loving the fit and flare style lately, it’s so feminine and it accentuates your curves nicely while hiding the dreadful pooch (which sadly, for lack of exercise, i may have a slight case of). This style is still a fit and flare, but it’s a drop-waist meaning the flare is slightly lower than it’s usual position at the waist (hence drop waist!)

I just adore this color! it’s a bright pop of color that works for fall, not to mention makes gold really shine as a pop of colour! This time i decided to use black accents which work just as well.

What i wore: Dress: Banana Republic | Shoes: Steve Madden | Jewelry: Forever 21 | Clutch: Aldo

I was against using the dress at first because I had just bought it that day and when I travel and go shopping, I usually refrain from using the big-ticket items I buy, opting to make sure I pack well instead. This time around, I had a big packing fail so there was no getting around using some of what I bought while on the trip.

Thanks for sharing this mini walk back to memory lane with me!

Until next time!

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